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Ok Im looking for input from my fellow shooters. I bought 10 lowers from palmetto today in preperation for AZ shootout future ban I see coming. Anyway, I havent built an AR in years. What hot, whats not. I need everything for it and I would like to keep it under $1000. I want a 16" Flat top for optics. Tell me what you like or want and what you dislike and why.


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I built this last year for just over $600.

Spikes lower.
Del Ton flat top upper.
Del Ton blem barrel.
Michulek brake.
Maytek backup rear sight.
Tasco Propoint red dot scope.
DPMS 6 pos stock.
YHM folding front sight and FF tube.



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I change my AR's around so much, it is hard to remember what I have and what works...

The one thing I would never change is the Timey trigger drop-in system...It is great. I have mine set at 1pound 8 ounces...It is smooth as glass...More than a few have tried it, and all will agree...It is worth the money..

I have a Spikes flattop upper on one of my AR's..I like it...I wish now that I would have had the painting done on it...

I have a Colt heavy barrel on one of mine. It is nice, but, sure is heavy. It has had a M-16 full up lower on it, and I ran about 400 rounds thru it one day...And, it still shoots straight...

I hope my rambling helps....It you want to try my AR's, just to see the differences, just let me know and we will go shooting...

Being retired does have some perks.....



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HHB Guns said:
That looks sweet. Where did you get the upper? Parts? Just curious.

The upper is pieced together. The flat top upper was on sale from Del Ton for $50 and I bought the FF tube off ARFCOM for $45. The Del Ton barrel is a blem in which the only problem is the gas hole is about a 1/4 off where it should, The barrel only cost me $35 from a friend that bought a bunch of them from DT. The maytek (sp) came from of all places Ebay for $25. It has a M16 BCG also from DT for about $100. The Michulek brake was $40 and the front sight I got off a friend and the price escapes me at the moment. Without the optic I have a little over $300 in the upper.

:mrgreen: The biggest thing about AR's which I'm sure you know is this:


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Those new half quad float tubes from Rock River are pretty spiffy.

These are mine, the top pic is a Bushmaster and the bottom is an old DPMS. These are old pictures,I've made a couple of up grades but not many. I hope to change that shortly.




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Just purchased AR 15, looking for suggestions on optics. What is a good buy for the money? What is the best power to use on the AR 15? Is there such a thing as a step down from EOTech that gives good value for the money and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


Dirk Pitt

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Bushnell has a holosight that supposedly has the same optics as the EOTech less some features as I recall.