NeoStead NS2000 Bullpup Shotgun

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Sep 29, 2009
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The NeoStead NS2000:

An interesting 12 gauge pump gun that is a bullpup design. It is fed by two tubes located over the barrel and can hold 6 each plus 1 in the chamber for 13 rounds total. Barrel length is 22.5" with an overall length of only 27", excellent for CQB work. The pump action is unique in that it is moved forward then backward for ejecting/loading. The barrel itself is what is actually moving while cycling the action. The iron sights also double as a carrying handle! These are made in South Africa, with the SAS using some of them so far. The BATF is obviously keeping these out of the US of course.


A better view holding it at battery:

Info from their official website:

NeoStead Features

Selectable twin tube magazine
13 shot capacity
Overall length is 27 inches with full length barrel of 22.5 inches
Totally ambidextrous as all controls are centrally mounted
Pump action is reversed
Straight line stock with magazines above barrel
Negligible muzzle lift
Intergral carry handle houses ghost ring sights
High stength polymers for main external components
Boltless design
Sling swivels on top

Safety Features

Trigger safety locks trigger positively
Pump handle operates trigger disconnector
Pump lock
Firing pin positive return
Out of battery firing prevention
Reversed pump action