Need some gunshop recomendations in SC


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Feb 18, 2011
It doesn't even really matter where in SC, as I get around a lot for work. Biggest thing I am looking for is a large selection of used pistols. I have honey holes in North Carolina that I have been picking stuff out of and having transferred to my local dealer. However I would love to find some places in SC.

I have a list of things that I want, if I see any of them on the list in acceptable condition at the price that is reasonable I usually pick it up on the spot. Before all the dealers hop in saying "I can order you anything you want", out of the list of 31 only 4 are current production. Also, I have had some poor experiences in ordering stuff in the past. I am pretty specific about what I want, it's better for me to check it out myself.


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Oct 4, 2009
Hanahan, SC
One of our members is Eastcoast Guns in Summerville...Chuck and the guys try real hard to be the lowest price around on new guns. They have a hard time keeping used guns...They sell real quick...

Then, there is always me...I always have something to sell or trade...LOL

Also, if you need transfers, you need to talk to Henry at HHB guns in Summerville. He is another member...

This is just a couple. We have members all over the state that have their favorite gun shops...

Hope this helps.

Also, there is a gun show at the fair grounds tomorrow and Sunday...

Oh Yeah...Gun Overload...