Need M2 AMMO? AT/Tracer/Ball


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Tired of not being able to drop the deer who wear armor? Want to start cooking venison as soon as you shoot? This is the buy you have always sought.....
Look no further....30-06 ammo that is guranteed to go bang.

Yep next time Bambi is walking around wearing 1/4 inch steel plate, you will have the last laugh.

Friend in another tree stand needs a light for cigar? No proplem with tracer. He will never forget the kind gesture of you lighting him up from hundreds of yards away.

Works in any 30-06. Be prepared for a zombie invasion with your favorite hunting rifle. Amuse your friends and family. Light up the night sky. Defend yourself from flammable soaked rabid animals.

I have the following for sale:
Tracer M25 40 rds (5) 8 rd en blocs.....$50

M2 Ball 88 rds (11) 8 rd en blocs...$100
21 empty en blocs....$30 bucks USA made WWII issue.

AP and Tracer are Lake City arsenal so it is proudly made in the USA

Ball is Danish manufacture. Actually this is some pretty good ammo as the Danes are notorious for the tight tolerences.

Ball is marked....AMA 86

Armor Piercing is marked...LC53

Tracer is marked...LCS4

Email through PSF or text me at 828 461 2296. Operator is standing by.
Unknown manufacture date. I would discount the whole lot. I live in foothills area of NC but would meet in upstace SC (i-85 corridor) for a good deal.

Don't like my prices? Give me an idea of what I ought to accept. Heck, I might just agree to it.

Thinking of trading? I would entertain offers of 5.56mm Nato ammo or I want a break action .223 cva Otima Elite style rifle.

Email me through PSF or text me at 828 461 2296.


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You're quite the entertaining advertiser! Do I get a set of Ginsu knives with every purchase? Unfortunately, I don't currently shoot 30-06, though I know others here do. I look forward to your next spiel.