Need info on short barrels for Remington 870, non NFA


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Guy at work asked me about putting an 18" barrel on his Remington 870 for HD use. I know diddly squat about shotguns so I'm coming to you guys for this one.

Where can he find the best deal on a shorter barrel and what should he be wary of, if anything, in terms of aftermarket barrels.


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I have bought several from this guy.
Ships fast, the only drawback is he does not take plastic I send him postal money orders.

If he wants to cut one down I did a couple last winter.
I can help with the measurement and method.
18.5 is the length you want if intending to put a +2 on the shotgun.

Personally I like a 18.5 with rifle sights.


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A smart guy once told me that you don't have to know everything you just have to know who to ask.
I think this forum is gradually becoming a good place to ask questions.