Need help w/ 45ACP load - W452AA + 230LRN


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This powder is discontinued and I understand it was popular with some competition shooters back in the day. None of my manuals show data for this combo.
I've got a RCBS #10 but that's about as old as I can go and still no joy.
I'm hoping someone has an older manual with 452 data or even an old Winchester pamphlet with 452 recipes.
So am I in luck?


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The only listing I have for 452AA is for jacketed bullets, Nothing for LRN.

230 TMJ start weight 4.7 @ 760 Velocity to Max 5.3 @ 825

The LRN in the same book doesn't use 452AA it uses 473AA.


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If we are on the same page and TMJ is plated then that should work ok for lead.
It has been a while but as I recall you load plated such as Raniers like lead.


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I believe that TMJ stands for Total Metal Jacket. Meaning that the base of the bullet is enclosed as well as the nose.
Some ranges require a "lead safe" projectile for shooting indoors.
These are not plated bullets like those by Rainer's or Berry's.