Need help removing a stuck choke tube


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Anyone have a shotgun choke removal tool like the one from Brownell's? They say it wrecks the choke tube but saves the barrel.

I have a Mossberg 835 in 12 gauge with a stubborn choke tube in it. The choke has been stuck in it since I bought the gun used years ago.


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get a product called Kroil
best damn penetrating oil known to man
tried to take a barrel off a turk mauser
even tried a 3ft pipe wrench to no avail
put some Kroil on it and five hours later used a strap wrench to remove the barrel
made me a believer


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I saw some at the gunshow last weekend and meant to pick up a can, never did so you see the fix I'm in now.
It's not a "darn need to remove it yesterday" type of thing but I'd like to do it sometime over the next month or three.


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Need some Kroil Dave?
I mix it with Hoppes #9 to make my cleaning solution.
I have some in aerosoll form too.
I can lend ya a spray can if you want.


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I wasn't impressed with Brownell's choke removal tool, I ended up selling mine. You might want to try a little heat. I heat the outside of the barrel and then hit the ends of the choke with penetrating oil while the barrel is expanded. If you have a steel choke tube wrench put it in place and tap it with a hammer. It may take several tries,but it usually works for me. The only tubes I haven't had success with are the invector plus. I don't know what it is about them but those barrels usually end up being shorter and threaded for a different choke.


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when i worked on aircraft we used Kroil and some heat to remove a stubborn landing gear pin... worked like a charm

Bob Ouellette

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If you haven't gotten it out yet, like everyone else says, heat is a good way to break it loose. Shocking it by tapping your choke tool with a hammer is another good way to get stubborn things to unscrew. You could always put it in a lathe and bore it out, but that's probably more than you want to do :roll: