need a part


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i got a red dot at academy for $10 cause it was missing the side of the mount that is not connected, and screws.

has anyone busted the scope i can get the mounts from?

ill put it on the 762x39 upper. only have magpul flip up now.


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What brand is it? Find a number for the company and call their customer service, tell em what you need, they should send you the parts.


I might have something that will work. I will check when I get home.

Is it ONE 2-hole piece or TWO 1-hole pieces?


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the other one, well both, i have has one side that is fixed to the scope.

with a hole and a slot.

what is missing are 2 screws, the heads that have the knurled part to tighten and a screw driver slot. and 2 sort of c shaped pieces that clamp to the scope and the upper.

it might even be 1 c shaped piece with a hole and a slot.

i thought for a minute a stripper clip, 223, would clamp the scope to the rail but it sint tall enough.