My Long Gun Collection

Winchester 1400 and Sears Model 200 Tactical Shotgun

Sears 200 before conversion.

After conversion. Still need to add a flashlight.

Marlin .22lr

High Point Carbine .40 S&W

High Point Carbine .9mm

I also have a Nagant and a Sub 2000 but don't have pictures of them yet.


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Which Negant do you have? I have an M-44 and I love to shoot it...It throws a flame out about 2 feet long...



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I agree, Frost. The SKS is fun to shoot and tough as nails. It is also cheaper than any of the others for a newbie collector. It is hard to get a bad one.


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Tell us a little about the .40 cal High point.
I have several .40 caliber pistols and think it might be fun to have one of those.
Has it ever failed to fire?