Black Rifles My latest build.


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Aside from not knowing if I'm going to park the barrel or not here it is.

Spikes Tactical lower
DPMS parts kit
DelTon barrel, BCG and upper
Tapco 6 pos stock
YHM Spectre FF tube
Tasco red dot scope with BUIS just in case. ;)
Jerry Michulek brake


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That is it a .223, or .308 ?

Have you shot the muzzle brake yet? I just got a Colt A2 upper that I just shot. It has a brake on it with just 2 holes drilled all the way thru. It is noise as sounds like a .308....I will have to find something else.

I might put it on my AR pistol...I like it loud and beastly...



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It's .223, I had thought about one in .308 but i have a couple FAL's so i decided not to. The brake is one of my favorites, It is a little noisier but hardly no muzzle rise. I need to get another one for a 24" AR i have.


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I've been doing some brush work around here so i haven't had time to mess with it but so far so good and the buis co-witness perfect with it too.


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Got to fool around with it at Andy's this weekend and got it tuned in pretty good we think. Both the BUIS and scope are in about a 5" space at 100 yrds.