My Journey into Reloading


Picked up a couple things to get me started.
A stainless tumbling kit from to start.
Have a Dillon Swage 600 to facilitate the military crimped primer pockets.
Picked up a couple things for a single stage Lee i picked up couple years ago from a local member.
With a Wilson case gage in hand, some powder, primers, and brass. 3 books and a friend to mentor me, here is what ive done so far.
What im starting with all 308 Win brass

Before After


Purdy stuff there, it's exciting huh Ben?
The best part is that you no longer have to depend on retailers for ammo when you want to hit the range.


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pretty soon you will get over that seperating by headstamp stage.

more important to look for cracks on the case mouth.

the last time i loaded 308 i loaded almost 1400 rds. the only distintion is some bullet weights and configuration, FMJ, SP, HP.

i used the same powder charge, the 150 gr bullets, inside 308 tolorance so that they were ok for 762x51 cases in a 308 rifle.


Looking to load more so for accuracy, i am striving for match loads. 147gr surplus/ plinking ammo does no good into my rifle :(
You'll do fine. Just make absolutely sure that every casing has the correct dose of powder before the bullet is inserted. Don't ask me how I know.


I have a grocery bag full of mix .223 5.56 9mm and maybe some random 357 and 38 spl still sitting in my house. Once fired. I'll have to weigh it tomorrow. I would love to trade it away for some .22lr...


Anyone interested can meet between Travelers Rest and Clemson. I can weigh but I am not going to sort, to much brass, guessing its mostly 9mm