my girl Ann with her M9

Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
was just dicking around in my archives today and found this

i would say something, but i don't need Rottie chasing me with a frying pan....oh, what the hell

i'd load her magazine :D
Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
Pops said:
the real question is, what were yo doing on the "business" side of the range?

you could become a target that way.

look at them sweet hips...sniff sniff.... i was doing nothing!! :mrgreen:

it Rottie still watching?? i did nothing, nothing!!!

seriously, Rottie has the most awesome sense of humor ever, or else she wouldn't put up with my shit

that's what you get with the greatest girl ever

all you other guys sit back and duh
lafayette gregory said:
Frost said:
Who is the girl with the SKS?

Women with firearms turn me on.
Opps , Forgot about this thread.
The link is to the sks boards. Very interesting site. Lots of good guys there and a few excellent jackasses also :lol:
The pics are in the girls and guns section. The girl is a friend of a member who is a photographer.
That link works for me? Try it again Schultz. Brouse around a while you may like that site.
BTW- I am one of the resident jackasses on that site :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: