My first C&R purchase


1948 Tula M91/30, nothing special to the collectors out there, but it sure was nice to open up the box that UPS gave me and have a new rifle in there.

I was happily surprised at the condition. Can't beat it for the price.

Congrats on your first purchase. From the pictures it looks like you got a pretty nice 91/30. In my opinion they are the best deal in the milsurp world right now. They're very addictive as well! Will you be bringing it to shootzenfest?


I'm going to try to make it. If I come I'll bring a few rifles, but nothing I have is really that exciting, I lean more to the practical side of shooting. I own mostly stock, high quality, but boring firearms.


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The first time I shot a gun was a Mosin. I bought that same gun a week later.
29 rifles later I still dearly love shooting that thing. BOOM!



Well I got to get this bad boy cleaned up tomorrow evening. I don't have any ammo so if some one would bring some I'd be happy to swap, trade, or buy a few rounds from you.


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I have one,bbut it will cost you....LOL ...just kidding. I will bring one.

I don't have enough room to bring my Nagant, though...

I'll have two 91/30's with me. I figure I'll bring a hex and a round receiver. I wanted to bring a m27 I picked up at the last gunshow but I need to slug the barrel first. I'm scared to shoot surplus through it right now because the bore seems super tight. I've read some of these slug as small as .308 :?: