My First 1911


Picked up my HS crusader compact 1911 from mike @ eastcoast today

Nice little package for a descent price for a compact 1911, my first 1911

Range report will follow

Plan on getting some Hogue wrap around finger grove grips for it and probably some of these also since i'm a navy vet

Here's the eye candy as well as the rest of my collection:


Entire Collection Except new 1911

Taurus TCP

Glock 23 Gen1 passed down from my dad

Glock 26

Taurus PT111 in pink, my wifes

Taurus 709 slim


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Those look great! Congrats on the new 1911. I have been wanting one of those to add to my collection as well. I will be looking forward to your range report after you get to break it in!



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Hey buddy...about time you crossed over to the 1911 side...You will never go back...LOL

I have 2 sets of those Hogue wrap-arounds, if you want a set...let me know...



Yea steve definitely... Mr bob might have a set for me I'll let you know though ......going up to belt training tomorrow to break in the new toy!


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Nice little 1911! I am going for a Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact Tactical soon. Will be my first 1911 as well.


Range Report:

Put about 120 rounds though the 1911 yesterday.

Fed it a box of Hornady TAP 200gr +P and some CCI pest control shot shells.

then put a box each of Remington 230gr and Tul ammo 230gr ball ammo.

No issues at all as far as malfunctions.

Sights seem to need adjusting some as it shoots to the left about 3inches. I made sure it wasn't operator error by letting a friend shoot a few mags threw it as well as tryed to give it more/less trigger finger. No go still shoots off center.

Not a big concern since I'll be switching the sights out soon

Overall worked fairly flawless out the box.


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Bring it by the shop sometime and I'll bore sight it for ya. I can usually get a pistol dead nuts at 15 yards. I can put white dots on those for you also pretty cheap.

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Dirk Pitt said:
Nice pistol dude. Was looking at those military 1911 grips until I saw the price tag :shock:

C'mon, that's not too expensive... you definitely need some USMC ones Dirk! As for yours jlh2003, those Navy grips would look awesome on that fine pistol!!! :cool: