My C&R came in!


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Took less than a month. I am trying to figure out what to order first.

I am leaning towards a P64, since I mostly shoot pistols and really like the size of that gun. A couple springs and some wood marshal grips make is a sure nice budget pistol I think I would enjoy for a long time.

Obviously I will need to get some surplus rifles too, but all in time.


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My first would be this:



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Congratulations. My first was a model 34 Beretta in .380. Still love it and shoot it. Have fun. :lol: I've been looking at the Yugo model 57. I have several 7.62x25 pistols and reload for them. Great round.



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mcdaniel said:
Thanks for the list, What do you mean they won't make me use an 03 FFL?

I was wondering about that one myself. If they are in-state, I usually do not use my -03 and just fill out the paperwork like any other purchase, mainly because many small sellers do not know what to do with a FFL to FFL transfer. But out of state? Why not just use the -03 and have it shipped to your house. Either way, you still have to put it in your bound book.


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Waiting on the BATF to process mine. For me, the gas money saved on not having to drive to pick up certain firearms was justification alone. Although, I hate begin associated with the BATF. I hope being associated with them doesn't come back to bite me in the butt. This privilege crap has to stop.