Black Rifles My AR is finally finished.


Okay, finally got the last component in and my AR is done. I was hoping to have the stock on last weekend but didn't order it in time. I'm not in law enforcement and they wont let me take it when I get deployed to I didn't go the tactical route except for the railed gas block. Went with it to take the shadow of the fixed sight out of my scope view at 2x but have the ability to put iron sights on front and rear. Only things I have planned now are to drill and tap a hole on the left front of the tube for a sling swivel and hopefully let Henry do a Duracoat job on it. Thanks for looking. Chris

Here is my parts list.

DPMS lower
Aero Precision upper
DPMS M4 barrel
ACE ARFX Skeleton Stock
Hogue free float tube
Hogue comfort grip
YHM gas block
DPMS bcg
Nikon M-223 2-8x with Niko-plex reticle
Nikon M-223 scope mount

The stock feels good holding the rifle off-hand and in the prone, can't wait to shoot with it in the next couple weeks.


I like the scope mount.
The rings are seperate devices from the mount. I'm assuming this can be removed adn replaced in a quick disconnect fashion?

Has a nice balance.




The mount is one piece and the only thing I don't like is that it used hex bolts, no thumb screws or quick release. It is designed for this scope and has a built-in 20 moa rise ti help the scope at 600 yards. I just have to get to a 600 yard range to see how effective it is.