Black Rifles My 300 uper build


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Here is the price breakdown for my 300 black out upper:
Upper receiver: $75 - Gun show LAR
Barrel: $279.95 - PSA mfg by FN, 16", chrome lined
Rail: $114 - YHM Diamond Spector length
Gas block and tube: $36.98 YHM low profile
Flash hider and washer: $15.20 Inexpensive birdcage by YHM
Bolt cover and hardware: $16.98 This is an engraved cover with "If you want peace, prepare for war" in latin
Forward assist: $12.95
Front and rear sites: $91.98 Magpul Mbus

Total: $643.04

Using BCG and charge handle from my other M4.

Similar CMMG is $729.95 and does not include sights, chrome or BCG and charge handle. So if you take out the sights:

Cmmg: $729.95
Mine: $551.06
I saved: $178.89
The feeling of doing it yourself....Priceless!!


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I hear the PSA Barrels have already got a lot of good attention, I think thye will be my pistol/SBR barrel source in the next few months. I hope you have great results and definitely provide feedback once you put some ammo downrange!



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Congrats on a successful build.
They are fun to shoot, wait until you get to put a can on it!
I went thru 35 rds of 225 grain OTM reloads Saturday myself.