My 1911 Carry Options


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I have several options for CCing my 1911. I have 1.5 and 1.25 inch Blackhawk gun "dress" belts so far.

1 Regular, no holster, IWB carry
2 Fobus paddle OWB holster with a big baggy shirt i have to wear for that
3 My crossbreed Supertuck

4 Now, I just ordered a Clipdraw...

I think I will like it. I love my Crossbreed, but sometimes a simple, no holster situation arises. Like buming around the house, quick trips to the store, less active things, etc. No messing with holsters and stuff like that. I would usually just throw a gun IWB with no holster for situations like these, but I would like to have a little something to keep the gun from falling down my pants.

Dirk Pitt

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Be careful carrying without a holster, it'll be real easy for the safety to ride off the 1911 without a holster. Whenever I've carried a gun without a holster I've just carried it condition three with no round in the chamber.

Bob Ouellette

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That supertuck looks pretty nice. As far as the safety coming off, does your 1911 have a firing pin block? It's a pretty effective way to prevent AD's.


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There is no firing pin stop IIRC. the RIA's are 70 series clones, I believe.

Here are the pics of the clip installed:










Midnight Raver

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That's pretty nice that way too! It doesn't seem too thick, does it change your grip on the pistol at all or affect your functioning with it?

Bob Ouellette

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Will you carry it like that in the summer? I sweat a lot and wouldn't care to clean and oil my gun every day to get all the salts off of it.