Moving back to South Carolina


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I was born In South Carolina and lived there for over twenty years. After almost thirty years of moving across the county chasing a career, I am moving back to South Carolina. Will be living in Columbia area. Amazing I have CCW in three states and none of them are accepted in SC. :eek: So i will be signing up for a class and looking to go through the process again.. :lol:

Looking forward to coming back home and eating Bessenger's BBQ on a regular basis.

Now I just need to learn where all the good gun shops are, and a place to shoot. Shops that carry older S&W revolvers are my favorite place to visit. Meanwhile I have got to load a lot of ammo before the movers come and pack my reloading area up in boxes.



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Welcome...Sounds like you will fit right in...

You need to start making plans to attend Shootzenfest...Great way to meet fellow shooters...and I promise to bring at least 1 S&W revolver...



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Welcome back.

"Palmetto State Armory" for your Columbia gun store.
I am not a paid advertiser but they do get a lot of my money.