Movie The Road


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I typically like post apocalypse movies so I watched The Road.
OMFG it was depressing.
It was a good movie, well produced with good acting but man, it was sooo depressing.
If you have not seen it don't expect anything near "The Book of Eli".

Low Branch

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It is probably more realistic than The Book of Eli. There were two happy moments in the movie: Finding the beetle and the dog.


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Finding the beetle was kind of ruined by finding an Arrow in the dads leg.
The dog was kinda kool
I am a dog guy.


Silent Bob said:
Did not really care for it - after they left the stocked bunker, I lost interest.
I know. What was up with that? Leave all of that food because you THINK someone is coming?


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Note to self. Make sure I have more than a revolver with 2 bullets.

Second, Don't watch this movie before an apocalyptic even. I will be so depressed that I won't survive.

Good movie but man was that depressing. Sending it back right away!!!!!


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I finally saw this movie last month and yes it's depressing. Between them leaving the bunker and the cannibals I lost interest as well.

Dirk Pitt

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I don't care if it's a good movie or not. You've got to enjoy it and not wanna hang yourself afterwords to get me to go see it...

Confed Sailor

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I tried to read the book while i was on duty. I had to stop, i was ready to slit my wrists. The movie was almost that depressing. I dont care how you end it.