Mossberg 590A1 question.


Hey everyone!

So I am not the kind of guy to beat a dead horse, and rest assured I googled and forum searched this question extensively before I posted. Found a few things that were relevant, but overall no solid answer so I figured I would ask myself. I am having an INCREDIBLY hard time finding the 20" 9 shot 590A1 in stock. "51670" to be exact. ... /51670.jpg

Is there a shortage or some great cleaning of shotguns at the moment? It took me ages to even find the 18". Having issues finding comparable Remington 870s and the like as well, so I was mainly just wondering if I had missed something big. To get to the point, does anyone have any advice as to where I could find one of the Mossberg's or where I should keep checking? And if not, recommend me a similar shotgun in price and specification? Kicking myself because only a few months ago I could find that exact same model on like four or five different websites with ease, blargh!

Thanks in advance for your help everyone.