Mosin Nagant Sniper


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I now have my first scoped rifle. A 1942 Model 91/30 sniper (Ersatz).

Problem is, I have no idea how to sight this thing. I have removed the bolt and looked through the bore at an object about 25 yards away and have used the windage and elevation knobs to get close to that same point. Problem is, elevation is now at 1000 yards, and windage is +7.5

The scope came with no documentation other than a certification that this was built to the 1928 standard. Any advice on how to adjust the calibration on the knobs so that they are zero'd to this position? And is this the correct way to get the scope started for adjustment?

The screws on the adjustment knobs are very small and tight. The center screw has been peen'd so I assume they are not supposed to be removed for anything like this.

Sorry to ask such a remedial question, but as I said, its my first scoped weapon and its an ancient scope with no manual. I understand about shimming or shaving the mount if that should be necessary, its the knob calibration that I am trying to put back to zero.


There is a manual on the web about how to set the scope knobs. I think I accessed it through Khlinka(sp?) scopes site.


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Elevation knob


Mosin Nagant M91/30 Izhevek Arsenal 1942 with reproduction PU scope


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I have seen those scopes but have not really looked at them good. It looks like from the pics that the two screws come undone so you can access where you actually zero it. Once you get it where you want it you put the covers back on and tighten them down with the two screws.

Like I said I don't know for sure, so if I am wrong, someone please step in here and correct me.