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Give me a good ol' Mom & Pop's place anytime. Here in Conway, we have J&J Cafeteria, or The Sandwich Shop as the locals call it. It's been in business since 1955 and in the same family. It's one of our favorite places to go for some good ol' home cooking.


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When I travel I always make it a point to eat at local places instead of fast food joints.


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When you say Mom & Pops, I assume you mean owned by a local family?

I recall a restuarant I charleston called Brecks. It's a steak house and they have great steaks. the atmosphere was a little lacking, but the food was always outstanding.

A fellow could get a 1" Tbone or a rib-eye that hung over the sides of the plate.

Breck's Place
8510 Rivers Ave Ste I
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 572-1631

I've not been to this one, but it looks like the same family . . .
Breck's Place At The Ice House
104 E Doty Ave,
Summerville, SC 29483
(843) 851-3077



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I don't know about the one in Summerville but the original is still where you probably remember it.
Unless you are as old as me you would not remember the hole in the wall where they started out.
I used to eat lunch there with my adopted son there a couple of times a month.
Then he went and got all health conscious and lives on fiber bars and water.
I keep telling him "man was not intended to eat tree bark"


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The one in Summerville must be owned by the same family,, have eaten at both and the food is the same,, LARGE and good :D


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I'm late to the party but yes both Breck's are owned by the same man. Unfortunately he has gone hands off and his kids run the places now and they aren't as dedicated to the businesses as he was. I think it will be only a matter of time before he comes out of retirement and re takes the reigns of his stores. But I do still love their burgers.


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I was told about Brecks by some of the Charleston area locals. My wife and another couple were in Charleston for the day a while back and looked up Brecks. We could not believe the size of the meat portions! Ever since we walked out the door of Brecks that day, we were planning on a trip back. We were even talking about it last night.


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I pass by Breck's on my way to and from work every day and drool thinking about it. Music Man is very along with Moose's BBQ (both in Monck's Corner). Sanno is good too with 3 locations to serve you :)


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In Rock Hill SC

NiceG's Greek and American style foods, two locations, family owned, Best Fish tacos you have eaten.

Bats BarBQ - small and great.

Ebenezer Grill (The Big Wienie) Breakfast and Lunch until 2 PM. Great Hotdogs, good burgers and usually have a meat and 3 vegetable daily selection. Family owned and has been in the same run down house for over 35 years. Its called the Big Wienie because it has a big Hot dog on the roof.

My wife and I always try to search out the local "joints" and enjoy them much more than the chain's.


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Does anyone know if the oyster house at Bowen's island, down near Folly beach reopened since a fire several years ago???


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Since we're talking about these little hole in the wall types of places here's a few in North Charleston. These are all located on Rivers Ave.

Silva Spoon is a soul food joint with specials like oxtail and jerk chicken on the menu. Eat in or carry out. Owner is the ex-wife of a guy that work in our group.

Vereen's Grocery is the classic mom & pop operation. I've gone there for years to refill propane tanks but just recently ate there. Hell I never knew they served food until a month ago. He has cleared out most of the grocery shelving and added tables and chairs. Lunch specials are a killer deal at $6 with a drink and tax included. The beer coolers seem to be a local favorite also.

Hickory Hawg BBQ. Another place with flat rate pricing, I like their Big Hawg sammich combo with side and a drink fer $7. The BBQ chicken is pretty good too.

If you like Brecks you need to check out Aunt Bea's in old North Chuck. No giant steaks but awesome home cookin'.