Modular Pistols - AR's of handguns?


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So Beretta has a new modular handgun ... ar-pistol/

Like the Sig P250 and P320, it has a serialized firing module, which is independent of the frame and is caliber independent. Does anybody see the possibilities for aftermarket parts allowing us to build our own like we do with AR's? I guess it would take a standardization or a huge growth in popularity=demand to justify aftermarket products.


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it looks like thats what its meant to be, but a different mag well means there might be a need for a seperate frame for large and small bullets.

is it steel or polymer> this says steel but it doesnt look like it.

?The design is modular with all of the components used in the different calibre weapons identical apart from the barrel, slide and magazine well. The APX is built around a serialised stainless steel chassis that hosts all the mechanical components.?


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Well I know with the Sigs, you actually can change what we call the frame and all to go from a 45 to a 9 on the same serialized mechanism. I think you pop the guts out of the polymer frame, swap out the barrel and slide.

To me that means you could go crazy... target pistol, CCW, whatever. But on the other hand, just buy another gun, right?


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I think it would be good to customize your frame and just replace it for about $40 if you don't like it. As far as a caliber swap, I'd rather just have an another pistol. I've already gone down that road with my Glock.