MK19 (XIX) Stainless Desert Eagle 50 AE


I don't want to sell this, I want to trade for Knights Armament only. I mean if you have a Barrett MRAD or Scar 17 in 6.5 CM I pretty much have unlimited boot. Maybe GA Precision bolt guns too. So you know what I mean, super high end stuff.

But mainly wanting a KAC 14.5 SR-15 upper or complete rifle. Will strongly consider an 11.5 / SR-15 or SR-16. Really need to round out my KAC rifles since they share proprietary parts.

So if you have KAC, let me know! Or if you have a very expensive toy and are looking for a 50 AE, I can come up with the cash.

Note: I don't want it put cash values on mine. They were $2000-$2300 pre-covid. Everything has sky rocketed, KAC has doubled and you can't find my model DE on GunBroker so who knows if it's worth 3000-3500? I'd prefer to just base our trades off normal MSRP if you want to do the metal math first before we chat, decide if you think it's fair. I'm all about fair trades.
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