Missouri Bullets Tuncated Cone Lead Bullets


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Oct 1, 2009
North Chuck, SC
A company I have been doing business with for some time came out with a new bullet last year.
I just recently learned of it, I need to get out from under my rock more often I suppose.
It is a 225 grain truncated cone 45 suitable for use in 1911, Glocks, and XDs and M&Ps.
http://www.missouribullet.com/details.p ... &keywords=

These guys are great to deal with and get your stuff shipped out in a hurry.
If you don't cast your own I highly recommend them for your lead bullet needs.

I have not obtained any of the FlatHeads as yet so I have no personal data to share.

RhinoDefense from the highroad recomends the following as starting OALs
For those wondering what OAL to load those to in the .45 ACP, 1.185-1.225" is the sweet spot. Go longer (1.225) for 1911s and shorter (1.185) for Glock and XD.

Regarding M&Ps BDS from the highroad had this to say
Went to the range late this morning (continuing my M&P45 trigger job testing) and test shot the FlatHeads.
I loaded test batches at 1.220" - 1.225" OAL using 5.0 gr (4.9 gr actual) of W231/HP38. Both lengths fed fine from the magazine for the M&P45.
Shot groups at 7-10 yards averaged 1"-1.5".



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Apr 29, 2010
Hanahan, SC
Egads Frost you're going to go down that lead paved path again?!?!
Those bullets are going to ruin your barrel and you'll spend all your free time scrubbing lead outta it. ;)

Man I really need to cast more 9mm projectiles and do it quick before it gets too hot.