Miscellaneous gun room clean out.


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Uncle Mike's size one shoulder holster. fits small pistol/revolvers. $10

bag and half of #7.5 lead shot. $10

150- 7.62x39 Russian hollow points on stripper clips $20

All steel factory hitch hauler. has both adaptors to fit 1-1/4" and 2" receivers. $40

I can bring this stuff to the Shootzenfest Nov 5th. as to save on shipping cost.


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If the 7.62x39 is on SKS stripper clips, I will take it at Shootzerfest..

Just look for the long haired fat guy that is cooking the hot dogs...


The General

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I'll take the lead shot for $10. I'll be the guy with the 1842 Smoothbore musket.


PS: If you find any more 7.62x39 ammo, I'll take it!