Misc. junk SOLD!

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More will probably be added later

Point Blank Interceptor plate carrier SOLD
Size XL
$50 + shipping

NCStar Flip up sights SOLD
$25 SHIPPED for the pair

Condor Tactical Vest SOLD
Size L
$20 + shipping

All items are located in Columbia...feel free to come pick them up!

I also have a brown leather holster stamped "Afghanistan" that was a gift from a buddy who was over there...$5 or free if you buy a vest :)
Misc. junk

I will take the plate carrier and sight. Are going to the gun show in Columbia this weekend? If so I can pick up then. Thanks.
Misc. junk

Actually Bob was second requesting the sights too :(

I didnt realize those were priced so well but i got blown up with offers for those
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