Mid Carolina Rifle Club


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Anyone else a member? I joined last month and love the place. Need to find more time and money.

I see why most people there reload.


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My uncle lives in Camden and I think he took me by there once. We wanted to shoot, but had to join to use the range.
If I recall correctly they had a very nice clubhouse you go through to enter the range?

It looked like a great facility, but we didn't stay.


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It's a real nice club. I'm enjoying it. I hate stall shooting. Like to move and shoot every once in a while.

Lots of different compititions happen out there as well. Cowboy, 2700, IPDA, IPSC, Steel, Glock, Rimfire, Citizen, Steel pistol, black powder, NRA High power and others. You can attend these without a membership.
But, to shoot yourself...Yes you have to have a membership.

The rifle range goes to 200yrds, I'll take some picture and post when I have some time.