Merry Christmas To All...


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I wanted to be frist to wish all our members and their loved ones a safe and appy Holiday Season...Merry Christmas and a happy New Year...

And, to all in Harms Way...please know we Appreciate your sacrifice, and, know you are in our thought and prayers...



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Well said, Fordnut. I hope my Son will be back in Charleston for the new year. I hope all who have children or other loved ones in service will have them come home safe.
Frost, I've been trying to hint to Santa that I'd really like an AR-10 upper. Santa has been known to turn a deaf ear to me some times. Mrs. Claus hasn't been won over yet either. :lol:
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all.

Midnight Raver

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Frost said:
Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa brings every forum member a new Glock...
Will you be my Santa this year... please? I have been a good boy and will wait until a day or two after Christmas for it so you won't have to rush!!! :mrgreen:

In conclusion, may all of you under the Palmetto trees or wherever you are have a safe and Merry Christmas!