Meeting up to sell a gun? Proper place to do so?


I was thinking about this earlier. If you are meeting someone to sell a gun or really any type of weapon, and you are meeting halfway, or somewhere convenient, what would be a proper place to do so?

Obviously it would be easiest to do it at a home or residence, but that may not be possible when meeting. I can just see it creating unwanted attention especcially with a larger rifle (AK, AR, M-16, ect) that isnt easily concealed.

Just curious about what you guys thought about this.


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I have done it in the parking lot of a pack ship store.
A deserted business parking lot on a side road.
A rest stop on the interstate.
A private residence (not mine)
The parking lot at work (several times)
At work (several times)
The parking lot of a Chinese Restaurant.
The parking lot of a Star Bucks.
The Coliseum parking lot.

Bought some magazines in the parking area at a gas station.
Bought some other magazines in a Bi-Lo parking lot.

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That's a tough one...

but one thing comes to mind in your neck of the woods- at a public range like where the ShootzenFest was held. That way you or the purchaser can also test your new firearm. Other than that, maybe at a gun shop or indoor range/club that either person knows of or belongs to.

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I can see meeting at most of those places selling magazines, pistols, ect. that are small and easily concealed.... but my main concern was rifles.

I have had a couple people interested in buying my AK from me, and they were 2-4 hours away. Therefore, we would be meeting in an unfamiliar area, and I can imagine exposing an AK-47 in the parking lot of a random business potentially attracting local law enforcement.

The only thing I could think of is park away from other people, and transfer from trunk to trunk, or to the bed of a truck. Obviously the buyer will want to inspect the product before he buys it.

Im also not exactly clear on what the laws are for having a rifle in a public place. Obviously it would be unloaded & being handled in a non-threatening manner, but im sure theres more to it than that.


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I have met people in strange places to do gun deals...

Just don't act like you are doing something wrong....Guilty people look guilty...

Wrap the AR in a towel, blanket, or something like that. Carry it to the other partys vehicle and lay it in the seat. let them look at it in the car. Do the deal, then you just drive away...It is a lawful act, so, act like it is and you won't have a problem.



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Frost said:
Bought some magazines in the parking area at a gas station.
Bought some other magazines in a Bi-Lo parking lot.

Wouldn't it have been better if you bought the magazines at Books-a-Million? Just sayin'

I bet Bi-Lo had suppressors on the "canned" goods asile. :lol:


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I've bought and sold guns in lots of places. Mostly in the parking lots of a grocery store or something like that.
The most important thing, In my (not too humble) opinion is to do it off peak hours, like early in the morning when the crowd is smaller.
If all parties have the required paperwork and the location is not posted against concealed carry, which both parties will be doing, just be considerate of mommies with chi'dren who are not accustomed to seeing such things.

One thing I do, if I get to pick the location, is to use Google maps with the satellite view turned on and look for a truck stop just off the interstate with a lot of land around it. Truckers who see a rifle are more likely to unconsiously double check their own firearm before they get "wound up" about simply seeing yours.