Made My Guns My Own

Dirk Pitt

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So Frost has been on me to post some pictures of what I've done to my Glock 19 and my Mossberg 500 and well besides working a lot I've been lazy as hell.

So this is what my Mossberg 500 looked like before I had my way with it.


This is the after.



Started of course with a Mossberg 18.5" security barrel, Hogue overmold stock with standard length of pull, Mesa side saddle, Vang Comp oversized safety, Uncle Mike's sling swivels, and a USGI silent sling.

Now this is my Glock before.


This is the after.





Hogue grip sleeve, Lone Wolf plug, Vickers Tactical extended magazine release, and Vickers Tactical extended slide stop. The holster is a Raven Concealment Phantom modular holster in coyote brown with a reduced body shield.

This is them together.


The only thing left I want to do with both of them is sights, the Mossberg is to get a set of Mossberg ghost rings and the Glock will eventually get Meprolight night sights eventually. I need to find a competent gunsmith in the area to drill the Mossberg for the rear sight and have the front sight soldered on. Though I think I'd rather just have the rear drilled and buy the new barrel with a front sight post already on it from the factory and sell the barrel I have on it now rather than trust a gunsmith to solder the front sight on.


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I like the shotgun, good quality upgrades, no cheap crap to fail when you need it most.
The Hogue stock has a good recoil pad and I like the feel of the fore grip good choice.
I find the traditional stock design to be faster than the pistol gripped ones.
It's hard to argue with an ounce of lead.

How much further does the mag release stick out than the factory one?
In the picture it looks to be much more sensibly sized than the Glock extended.
I round the edges on mine similarly to what they have done.
You really don't have to have a razor edge on the dang things for them to work

Be sure to let us know what you think of that holster.
Looks really nice but 4 months is a long time to wait on one.