M1 garand fans need to see this!!!!!


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Even if the bores are bad, a new one can be installed and bring the price up that of a CMP and well below retail. If there was more info on them, I would probably get one.


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Chili said:
If there was more info on them, I would probably get one.

yeah, i'd like one but not just off a scant web page. i'll stick with my $250 98Ks from a known local gunshop


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I have been thinking aboput a CMP garand. I have heard that after fufilling the requirements you can pick one out at the Anniston AL armory. I have a job ongoing in Tuscaloosa and I ride through Anniston every other week. Do you think they would have 308 garands?
Check out http://www.odcmp.org and read the forums there. People usually post store reports telling you what was in stock when they were there. No .308s that I have ever seen. You need to stop by. It's only about 5 minutes off the highway and is awesome. They people that work there are very friendly and extremely knowledgable about the rifles. I went for one and came back with three and several cases of 30.06.