M&P Comming


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Well i went to my favorite gun store yesterday to see what to spend some b-day money one. Since I have 4 cc guns already I wanted something bigger. I. Had decided between an M&P or a Glock 34. This one will be for night stand and competition.

The G34 is nice. No question. But I didn't like the the open barrel. Just saw it as a place for dirt and dust to get in. The G34 is also about $50 more expensive. I also didn't like the rear site. Too much white and blurrs out for my eyes.

In step the M&P 9mm Pro. Barrel is about 1/2 inch shorter. Put it on layaway and should have it next month.


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I just switched to an M&P pro 9mm you will like it. take a look at the apex trigger and sear . mine has a 2-3/4 lb trigger ( comp. use )