LT2 sight adjusters for sale!


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Aug 19, 2010
We are selling Stan Ward's LT2 sight adjusters. These are quality tools made right here in South Carolina by Americans (some of us are even veterans - imagine that). The LT2's fit all Mosin Nagant m91 & m91/30's. They will also fit some Enfield rifles.

The new & improved LT2's are made out of aircraft grade 6061 extruded aluminum. Aluminum is stronger than steel but half the weight. We sell them for $29 plus $3 shipping to your door. If you have a m91 or m91/30 you really, really need to get one of these.

South Carolina residents pay $27.35 + 6% tax ($1.64) = $28.99 plus $3 shipping ($31.99).

We are set up to invoice you via PayPal, or you can call me with your CC information and I will process your order through our server. Your call, either way works!