Lowcountry's own C&R blog needs your guns!


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Apparently I've been stalking this forum without posting and I'm dearly sorry for that. Heck, I even showed up at the Boggy Head shootzen for a few minutes on my way out of town and got my patch. And yet this is my second post... Sorry folks.

I can promise any of you that haunt the Charleston area gun or pawn shops, or shoots early early weekends at Twin Ponds will recognize me on sight though. I'm that bearded yutz hoarding all the old rifles and pistols.

Anyway, I've just started a project with some friends' help and I'm hoping to keep expanding. It's a blog dedicated to C&R firearms and I kicked it off using pieces from my private collection. Unfortunately I've had the discipline to stay in a tight WWII track and will have limited material without help. So if anyone is willing to show off some of their favorites, gift some pictures, or add their expertise just let me know! The weirder the better.

Also, because it can be so hard to find good images all of mine are offered to anyone, anytime, for anything. So steal away!

I should probably add, I have no forum plans and unless my hosting gets expensive with traffic I'm not out to monetize... so I hope this doesn't count as advertising.


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I have had my C&R for about 5 years now and collect mainly for the Soviet influenced weapons. A few other types have snuck in, however, as some deals are just too good to pass up.

My collection is currently at http://WWW.PCSHOGUN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Unfortunately, I am not a photographer so my images are not that good. I would be happy to help with some write ups on the weapons I am familiar with though. So far the site looks good.


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Shogun, you're not too far away. We could get together for a photoshoot for both blogs.

Thanks mcdaniel.

On another note, my photographer is probably buying his first gun this weekend after getting dragged into this.


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I would love to see the results.
I've added c&rsenal to my blog feed, I already had pcshogun :)


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Thanks guys,

I've had two gun shops give me carte blance to shoot their old guns and I have a feeling a third will join in soon.

Our photographer is unhappy with how we're lighting the 4ft long guns and is worried about the parallax so we're experimenting starting Monday on how to better shoot. I'm betting on a light tent and clear tubing through the barrel but he said he wants to try something else.

I'd definitely love to meet up with everyone and keep adding to the flow. If you want a caption on the image you better come up with a good "from the collection of 'yadda yadda' " line.

Thanks for watching the site. If I can get caught up and ahead on image collection I'll up the pace. I'm struggling for twice a week right now and it's all images.

PC, I'm sending you a PM. Mcdaniel you gave me an idea, I'm thinking once we get this rolling we can have a "Meet and Shoot and Shoot" out at one of the public ranges. We could setup a photo table and maybe some food.

Enjay, thanks for the support.

Anyone else is welcome to pm me or email through the site where they are and what they have available.


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I just noticed my son left a comment on your site about his collection down here. I hope we can get together while he is down on leave and talk about photographing some of these old workhorses and oddballs.


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Sure, what's his availability?

We're experimenting with more mobile/easier ways to setup for photographing this week. Right now we're based out of downtown Charleston but we're willing to drive a bit!

Easiest route is to email us at C&[email protected] because that's where our Google Calendar is at.


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Chuck has just made East Coast Guns the first Gun Donor for C&Rsenal! We were allowed to disassemble and photograph a wonderful and somewhat exotic WWII pistol from their shelf. The team even was even kind enough to lend a few tools to ease the reassembly. I absolutely encourage everyone to visit this shop and support a business that takes the time and patience to invest in the shooting community.