Looking to get another dog


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My companion a Great Dane Mastiff mix named Max has crossed to the other side.
He was our third giant breed dog and as much as I like them I am getting older and think it may be time for smaller dogs.
For us Doberman Pincers are about the right size..

We currently have a female Doberman who was a rescue dog and are looking for a Male Doberman companion for her.
Are any of you familiar with Hung's Iron Dog Kennel outside Columbia?
We are also open to the idea of rescuing another Doberman.

You can pm me or email me whichever is easier for you

HHB Guns

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Sorry for your loss...I truly dread the day. I have a huge German Shepherd (6 years old) and a Cane Corso AKA Italian Mastiff (3 years old) that I know will be a few days of closure of HHB because I will take it pretty rough. My saying is go big or go home. I like big dogs, trucks, guns....And yes, if you're my customer you will say "what about that ankle bitter that's always chewing on the mastiffs ankle's and balls?" All I can say is he came with the wife. He isn't mine...lol SO if he bites you please sue her and not me...Just kidding. They are all good dogs. I want an American Mastiff or an English Mastiff to finish off the herd. I am pretty sure a 190 lb American mastiff will keep the zombies away and if it don't we will run them over with the monster truck and frost you can climb in the bed (with a ladder) and shoot them with my M16 as they stand back up.
Just to give you an idea how much I love my dogs....I usually go to bed around 10-11. My wife comes home at 12-1 and gets pissed because the 110lb mastiff is sleeping on her side of the bed. We both like to cuddle. She always uses that against me. "you will cuddle with the dog but not me". I have to admit. Three things he does that will clear out a room....Drool, Snore, FART...Customers always look at me funny because they are about to gag and I have to explain that its the dog under the table...Most agree that its the worst they have ever smelled.

Cant wait to see what you get.


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You sound like us.
Max weighed in at 160.
Max was a bed hog and would not move over so he was not allowed to sleep on the bed at night. But he always took naps with me.

I may yet get a Dane.
I am leaning towards a Doberman though.
My two favorite dogs are Great Danes and Dobermen.
I always felt like my wife was safe when Max was alive.

Bring on the zombies!


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I'm so sorry to hear that Max passed away.
There used to be a doberman rescue hereabouts named Caradobe, but I wasn't able to locate any recent activity of theirs online when I was looking for my Roxy. Here's their contact info: http://caradoberescue.tripod.com/contact.html

I've read some things about Hungs, pm'ing you.


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Molly our Doberman actually came from Caradobe.
I reached out them last week and have not heard back yet.