Looking for some experienced suggestions...


My wife owns a Glock 26 sub-compact 9mm. Awesome little pistol and I would not hesitate to carry it myself with some +P 124gr HP.

However...she wants something even smaller for purse carry. Yes I understand, as does she, that purse carry isn't the ideal but I would rather buy her something she is comfortable with rather than insist on her carrying something she is not. Hey, I might inherit the G26 as well :D

Anyway, I am looking for some opinions on sub-compact 9mm carry guns that may be smaller in dimension and/or weight compared to the G26. She has some small hands to boot. I really do not want to get into another caliber for us (.38) so I am hoping y'all may have some insight?

Thanks, in advance, for your replies and opinions. It is greatly appreciated.



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If you don't want to spend a lot...I would look at the Kel-tec PF-9...

I know a lot of guys will say " No way for a Kel-tec"....but, I have had 3 of them and liked and used all of them. I also know some people that carry them every day, and, love them.

I would also look into the Kahr line. They are a great gun, and, they can come in very small packages.

I have a P380 that is my constant companion. I don't leave home without it. I may have a .45 on my hip, but, the little P380 will not be far away...

There are a couple of others out there, but, this is all I have tried myself...other than the M&P Shield.

The Shield is a nice piece, but, it is big for what you are looking for, IMPO....



Thanks Fordnut!

Just the type of experienced opinions I am looking for. I appreciate it and your time.

Thanks and cheers to you on this holiday weekend.


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Sorry for the delayed response, but maybe consider some other carry methods. My wife either carries a S&W M&P compact or a pocket 380 when out and about.

A good, quality holster for the Glock may solve the problem. Something like a Crossbreed or a Dragonworks Leather is pretty comfy. Alternatively, going down in caliber to 380 opens up a lot of pocket carry (with pocket holster) options. The "pocket guns" are hard enough to shoot well; I would prefer to go down to 380 or 38 sp and bite the bullet on a new caliber than to try to handle a Shield in 9mm or something similar, personally. Even the 380 is tough to shoot, and my wife is an instructor and competetive shooter who shoots pretty darn well. A 9mm or 40 in such a small package is going to be tougher to control.

For purse carry, remember to put the gun in a holster of some sort that covers the trigger guard so loose junk rattling around in the purse doesn't contribute to a negligent discharge! There are some dedicated carry purses with a special compartment just for the gun which solve this issue.
I am a Kel-Tec P3AT fanboy and actually resent Ruger for stealing the design.

That said, I had a Kel-Tec PF9 and it could not cycle a magazine without multiple, and various, malfunctions.

Kahr's CW9 is inexpensive and fits the bill for what you're asking for. It is very, very light and very thin (single stack).

My wife, like yours, refused to bend her lifestyle to the gun and tried to make the guns fit around her comfort. It didn't work. The decision to carry a weapon and kill someone requires serious consideration and commitment. Some people can't commit and that's when problems, like this, arise. I suspect this isn't the first and won't be the last hiccup to the end goal of having your spouse carry a gun and reloads on her person everywhere she goes.


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my buddy got his fiance a Khar PM40 last year...small, good weight, packs a punch for sure...that being said if you are looking for something less pricey the CM line is cheaper and then the CW line is even cheaper...I had a Keltec PF9 for a few years and only had 1 issue...fixed it by doubling the extractor spring....it is a great gun that can handle +P...usually for less than $300...


I have a Kel-Tec PF9 and haven't any troubles with malfunctions. However, it does leave an imprint of the grip in my hands after a couple magazines.


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Even the Keltec P32 in 32 ACP. I know, I know. It's a little piece of plastic that shoots a less than marginal cartridge. But it's tiny, so she might be more apt to carry it than not. You can get a holster that looks like and is the same size as a man's wallet.


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how about a hammerless airwieght 38. the grip is very small. its a different cal but anything less than 9mm is "weak" for self defense in my opinion.

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Glock just came out with a single stack 9mm, Smith has one also. I have two Glocks and a Walther PPK (380) in stainless (VERY PRETTY) I carry. She might like stainless and tell her James Bond carries one. Your right, when the thief steals her purse, she loses her protection. Good luck!


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Love my shield but it doesn't fit well in the heat of the summer. Thinking about pocket carrying a 2-shot derringer, also in 9.


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This two year old thread is still getting replies. MCA Mike, I hope you found a solution by now. If so, what?