Looking for a good holster...


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The reviews I've read on the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe IWB look the most promising, and I really like that it's adjustable for ride depth and cant, and hand made so it's slightly customizeable.

Before making a purchase I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience using this or know anyone who uses it that has feedback. Thanks guys!


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Thanks for the great feedback guys!

Jeff, that's awesome! I did see the XD forums in my research, and saw the owner comment in a thread, which was really cool, but I didn't see the thread about discounted holsters. At $70 + extras and shipping, cutting that in half would be extremely helpful for a currently single income household like ours! Thanks for the link!

I got a lot of research to do now...


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Frost said:
Magic Holster?

Its a slide that can be worn OWB or IWB, generically built to fit most guns.

Not to my taste, but it doesn't cost much and certainly serves a purpose.