Live in Chicago? Get a lawyer.


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This would be something interesting to talk to Chris from about when he's visiting next month. He lives in the Chicago area, I believe.
Otherwise it looks like the anti's in Chicago have it pretty sweet. You can have a gun if you have a FOID, which requires a 4 hour class and 1 hour of training at a range, but they don't allow ranges in Chicago. I believe that citizens who want to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and be legal gun owners in Chicago have to go to Indiana to find the closest range, and if they cannot find a class or don't have the resources to get to one, I guess they're sol or they have to become criminals to have a home defense weapon.
I'm not even going to address the whole search and seizure without a warrant issue. The corruptness of Chicago cops and politicians is almost as legendary as it is in NOLA.


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I grew up in kane county, 40 miles NW of the Chicago Loop. Its crazy the way people think there now. A family friend said he doesn't own a gun because he's not paranoid.

The city and state definitely cater to the criminal element-crooks, politicians, illegals, ect. My parents have farm land and when they target practice a neighbor calls the cops on them and they have to go through a whole ordeal of showing paperwork, IDs, FOIDs, written permission from the other neighbor, just nonsence. After visiting here and seeing how we live, they are planning on moving south as soon as the economy/housing market permits