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If you like authentic japanese food with a touch of just different, this is the place to go. Jose and his wife have a small but dedicated following and a menu full of tasty, reasonably priced choices. located on hwy 17-a approx 1/2 mile north of summerville high school, next to the gas station:)


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+1 on the recommendation. I lived in Japan for a while and the food is as close as it gets. The pork ramen is so good, it almost made me cry from melancholy.

*SO* glad they only moved (in Goose Creek off of University) rather than closed - we went to the little strip mall in S'ville once where they used to be and no restaurant - not a happy camper. But the wife has stronger Google-fu than I, and she found that they had moved.

Pros: good, authentic food (not a hibachi steak house) at very good prices
Cons: for me, that they don't have Okonomiyaki. That is all.