List of Vendors/Sponsors

As I go through different page loads, I see the banner changing, showing different vendors/sponsors. Is there a list somewhere of vendors? I have yet to decide on a pistol, but I know that there will be a purchase soon.


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That board is a different format with many more features than this one. We have very few sponsors at the moment and they are spread across the state however as we grow hopefully so will they. Where are you located that would help.
I am in Summerville, SC. However, if I call a vendor/sponsor to see if they have a specific manufacturer and model I am looking for in stock, I will drive to get it. Or if they can order it for me and give me an out the door price, I will gladly do so.

I just do not know all the ones that are represented on this site. I am a small business owner also and to know that the money will be going to pay for food on the table or clothes for their kids is what I prefer.


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Our sponsors are:

Upstate Armory, Silent Bob sells a long list of AR's, Class 3 weapons and Supressors, and offers complete gunsmithing. Bob attends gun shows across the state.

HHB Guns, Henry also specializes in class 3 items and Dura coatings. Henry is in the Summerville area and offers a deal on transfers to forum members.

East Coas guns, is also in Summerville, East Coast is a complee gun shop. East Coast Guns offers gunsmithing and a full line of handguns and long arms.

D & R Gunsmithing, Dale is a gunsmith and works in the Goose Creek area. Dale offers a deal to forum members on a detailed deep cleaning of any fire arm.

Precision One Ammunition. P1 is a manufacturer of reloaded ammunition, P1 sells about any caliber you want and offers a free shipping deal on ammo for forum members.

Belt Training is a Concealed carry and tactical training facility near I95 and I26. Belt Training is a sponsor of the Friends of the NRA and hosts the all girl Glock Shootout in the fall.

All our sponsors are great folks to deal with. They support the forum community. We hope to expand our membership into the eastern part of South Carolina. If anyone knows of a gunshop or service provider in Myrtle Beach or the Rock Hill are we'd love to add them to our sponsors.

The sponsors pay the lions share the costs for the ShootzenFest, the food and the tshirts.

If anyone is looking for a firearm or training please avail yourselves of all they offer.




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Pops said:
If anyone knows of a gunshop or service provider in Myrtle Beach or the Rock Hill are we'd love to add them to our sponsors.

That is where I do all my range time and also where my last two firearms are from. It is around the Rock Hill area, also I had my concealed class there - great instructors!