Life is Pain


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I understand and feel your pain...I would like to have Shultz' Maddi, and the .410 Saiga shotgun the fella has at the Armory for sale....but...have more guns than money.

And worse...have no trading guns...

LIFE SUCKS TO BE ME right now...



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I have a gun or two I wouldn't be too broken-up over trading. I also have all kinds of surplus Army gear. I just can't seem to find anyone with an Aimpoint red dot for sale that will accept trades. I guess everyone is hurting for money.


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Free home to any model Barret rifle. Will store in enviromentally controled closet. Ammo must be supplied. Minimum 1000 rounds required. Will clean and lubricate after each range practice for free. Contact me for more information ASAP!!

LOL!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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