Leupold - Am I missing something?


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give it a try.

one place said last one and another line it said 200 available.

edit, now it says 6 in stock and 44 available. :?:


I was gonna give it a try, but didn't expect 20 minutes later for the price to change. I posted because I was shocked that it could be priced so low, and was hoping maybe a second set of eyes on the ad could find what I was missing (like refurbished or scratched or something similar).

Should have grabbed 4 at that price, lol, and not questioned it.
Amazon "reprices" higher when you look at some items multiple times. I've noticed this quite a few times. It shows you're interested so they can get more. Little known tactic they use. Uggghh.

Just search again from a different IP.


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It actually happens often that there's a flub on a price. So it probably was never supposed to be 65, someone probably did something wrong or got wires crossed and 65 bucks was supposed to be the next item in line. They usually get it resolved pretty quick.