Let's talk Communication


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I was in Civil Air Patrol back in the '80's as a cadet. One of their responsibilities was to set up communication in case of emergency or disaster. They maintain a network of HAM repeaters.

So, my question is: What communication device do you put in your "bug out bag"?
It's been 20 years (wow!) since I have been in touch with this technology. I'd like to see what out there. So, lets put some requirements.
1) Portable
2) Batteries or rechargables or both
3) Good options


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I keep a CB in the jeep and will be putting a 2 meter ham back in soon plus I have a 2 meter portable. As long as the repeaters are up they are awesome to have but at least they are still useful without. Of course, in a bug-out bag you would have to be able to use alkaline batteries for the HT radio. I need to order the alkaline case for it one of these days.


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I've never been into HAM radio, but I know several people who have.
I dabbled a little in the CB radio back in the 70's/80's, but no enough to mention.

Communications, in my opinion, is probably one of the most important aspects of disaster preparedness.
I'll have to get off my duff and spend some more time on this topic.

In the event of a serious disaster, natural or otherwise, would you expect the shortwave, ham, or cb to be the most usefull?
I suppose the right answer is all of the above.

Since all types of wireless communications can be monitored there is some consideration for what you can communicate, but it this question is about distance. With my luck, there would be a safe haven just over the ridge on my left and they would be on a cb frequency while I would be using a ham radio frequency. :shock:

The Motorolla type radios would be local only without the towers, I'm assuming they would be either taken out or turned off, depending on who controlled them. Of course they would still go farther than a CB.

any thoughts?



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I have a RCI2950 which is a ham radio but has had work done to include the CB band range so for me it's just a matter of switching antennas.


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Sounds like at least some of you guys have experience with the better radio equipment.

I should probably learn more about short wave and Ham radio. I know that the real good stuff can real expensive, but the pretty good stuff is almost as effective and is pretty expensive. I have been to lots of Ham Fests looking for computer equipment. I never really knew what I was looking at in the Ham radio vendors.