Let's see your 1911's


I own 2 now, and don't think either will ever sell.

This is a 4" Kimber Pro Eclipse II, built in the custom shop unlike the newer ones. Supposedly only 400 were done like this and it is pretty special. Shoots amazingly well of course.....

Next is a 5" fastback Sig Sauer Nightmare......beautiful and sweet shooter too!



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Clockwise from top right;
Colt Government 1911 Series 80
Colt LW Commander
Colt Government 1991
Fusion Government GI
Kimber Custom
Springfield Armory Ultra Compact
Springfield Armory MC Operator

All .45ACP except the Fusion which is 9mm.

I also have a fusion stripped frame that I am collecting parts for to use with a dedicated .22 conversion slide.



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Other than having to do a little searching on the internet to find an appropriate holster, I like it fine. Still, I am wanting to buy a commander length 1911 for carry, because the 5" barrel gets in the way of my wallet in my back pocket sometimes.