Let's see your 1911's


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After reading through the introductory 1911 thread I got to thinking why not start a members 1911 pic thread.

Here's the two I have at present.

My house piece, Taurus PT1911

My new carry piece, Springfield 4" Champion


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Here's an oddball for those that have't seen my thread when I purchased it:

It's a Kimber Pro BP Ten II 1911. It's a doublestack, polymer framed, 1911. The mags are basically Para mags.

I installed Wolff magazine springs in the mags before I even had a chance to take it to the range. It was 100% reliable at the range, when I finally got to shoot it, with jhps and fmjs. I've only shot 100 rounds through it, though.

I believe it has a trigger job by Bob from Upstate Armory, and the trigger it feels sweet. I believe he also installed the Truglo fiber optic sights, which would be my first fiber optic sights on a handgun, I really dig 'em.

Its on my hip unless I'm sleeping, taking a shower, or at my place of employment.

There are some smudges on the slide in these pictures, but its just some residue from my leather holster. My wife took these pics but she forgot to clean the gun before she took them:










Scott J

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My only one until Sunday

Picked up a used PT1911AL this past Saturday as my Christmas present. Since I picked it out SWMBO took it and hid it somewhere in the house so I couldn't play with it until Christmas.


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Scott J said:
My only one until Sunday

Picked up a used PT1911AL this past Saturday as my Christmas present. Since I picked it out SWMBO took it and hid it somewhere in the house so I couldn't play with it until Christmas.

Looking forward to a pic....After you open it up on Christmas that is. ;)

Scott J

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I like it. 16 rounds of the Lee 230gr tumble lube truncated cone that the Daly refuses to feed ran through without a hiccup.

15 yards and I pulled that low one. Still could be better.


Scott J

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There was a mention of heirloom firearms in the revolver thread.

Here's one for 1911s. A couple years ago my pa-in-law asks me if I'm going to allow my son to have guns. I said "sure, unless he proves to be irresponsible".

He showed me this one he'd traded a .300 WM for. Said he intended to leave it to my son in his will.

Dirk Pitt

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Llama IX-A, this pistol traveled from my aunt to my uncle to my other uncle finally to me. She's old, tired, and needs a new extractor, but it can still drill a 12" plate at 50 yards.


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This is an old pic, I'll try to ge a better one later. The SSP and Super Hawg have both had some work since the pic was taken.

Top Left- Para SSP Nite-Tac(With Streamlight TLR-1)
Top Right- Springfield 1911-A1
Bottom Left- Para Super Hawg
Bottom Right- Colt Delta Elite 10mm(Early Production)



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According to the manual my Ruger PD89 is Rugers version of the 1911, is it cool to post a picture it a Ruger?



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My new pretty:
Rock Island 1911-A1 FS Just purchased, still at the gun show:

The first 50 rounds through it, not too shabby.


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My babies. One is a Colt Gold Cup N.M. Trophy, the other is a Colt frame from 1918 with a Colt 70's series 9mm slide. Very interesting gun and shoots like a dream.





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Got my first 1911 yesterday, and I am in love! It fits perfectly in my hand, the recoil spring is smoother than any other gun I've ever had, and it's the perfect size to conceal. I can't wait to take this little beauty out to the range!





Now I just gotta find the perfect holster, maybe add some night sights and swap out the grip safety.:lol: