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Lol I did, I called 2 police stations to ask and both of them said “we will email you the laws on it” and after giving them my email they didn’t send me anything. I’m just trynna follow the law ‍♂️
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You can only open carry a firearm in certain conditions.

That firearm must be able to be used in a currently open hunting season.

The ammo in said firearm must be able to be used in a currently open hunting season.

You must be traveling between your hunting area and your vehicle/home.

As deer season use over, you can't open carry a rifle as it's not deer/squirrel season and rifles aren't permitted for hunting outside of those seasons.

If it's turkey season, you can carry a shotgun but you may Not being possession of any shot larger than shot size number two (IIRC). If you're found with a shotgun and one shell of buckshot, you can get fined and possibly lose your firearm.

You need to consult an SCDNR figurine book. They're free at most places which sell hunting/fishing licenses.


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SC only prohibits open carrying of pistols -

S.C. Code SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.

Public lands under control of the DNR might have different rules, such as the hunting restrictions above.

Past that general information, contact a criminal defense attorney.
I’m not a lawyer but from what I understand there is no law stating it is illegal so therefore it is de facto legal. That being said, it probably won’t end well for you.


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The just-because-you-can-doesnt-mean-you-should law.

the new law allows open pistol carry only where concealed is allowed, and only for permit holders.


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It may or may not be legal but is certainly not a good idea to open carry a rifle walking down the street or into public park, a mall, store, whatever. It is a sure fire way to quickly meet your local SWAT team.



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ALSO - new law doesn't go into effect until August. Darn it - I just had to renew my CWP, and pre-August means I had to pay for it (after, supposed to be free).