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Some years back when I began reloading I bought the Lee Anniversary complete kit.Had everything I needed but dies.The priming function was with the Lee Auto Prime which I have used successfully for some years now.I even broke one of the little handles once.Lee replaced it cheaply enough.
In the past year my arthritis in my right thumb has been giving me fits when I tried to use the auto prime.OK,time to start looking for another method.In looking at Lee's on line catalog I saw something called "ram prime".$13.98 plus shipping.Cheap enough.It ought to solve the problem since it transfers the priming function to the press.I ordered it and several days later the mailman delivered a nice brown envelope.
Now I am probably at this point showing my ignorance but I had never seen this item used before or even mentioned.I am here to tell you that it is the easiest slickest thing to accomplish priming that I have tried yet.Since the priming function is now accomplished with the ram which has plenty of power,I no longer wince trying to prime a casing.The "feel" of seating the primer is much enhanced also.If you haven't tried one of these yet you owe it to yourself to do so.

Stan in SC


I gotta agree with ya but I still use the hand held autoprime
I prime while watching TV. it is the only step I don't need a full brain to do


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you arent using crimped millitary brass are you? they are hard to prime till they are de-crimped.
i also use Lee a progressive. still working but Andys Dillion is faster.

Stan in SC

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The Ram Prime gets better and better in my estimation.I primed 100 new cases last night and it took less than 15 minutes.The seating is perfect and almost effortless.Gad,why did I not discover this years ago?

tigerstripe,sorry for the tardy response to your post above.No,I do not do military brass.Yes,that stuff has to be swaged to eliminate the crimp and it is a hassle.Thank goodness I have plenty of milsurp ammo on hand.

Stan in SC


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I've used the Ram Prime before. I liked it alot, very easy to get consistent results with. My problem is I switched over to a Forster Co-ax press and the ram primer is not compatible with it.