lawsuit over post office gun ban is allowed to proceed


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I might be able to enter a US Post Office without being a criminal if this succeeds:

So far I only use UPS or Fedex to ship stuff. Luckly I have no reason to go ot the Post Office since I have my own mailbox at my residence. I have heard the post office doesn't run off federal funding (our tax dollars), though. The post office is ran making money from selling stamps, postage and shipping fees. So why is it considered federal property, anyway? It's ran like a privatized business.


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It is run as a for-profit private business, but it's still federal property because it makes income, do you think the feds are going to give up a cash cow?

John Canuck

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thebrasilian said:
Post office makes money? That's a new one. I thought they were billions in the red.

They are, but that is partly due to a mandate put in place by congress where they must pre-fund retiree pensions for the next 75 years. That is a burden no other government agency has. While I seriously doubt it would post the profits that they claim it would, it wouldn't be quite so broke. I have no idea what the purpose of this congressional stupidity is, but then I say that about a lot of things.

Either way, I use the USPS as little as possible, preferring to use private business for my shipping needs.


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I would think that any ruling on federal post office property would have implications to all other federal properties as well.

I was aware that you can't carry into the post office but thought that only pertained to the building itself and had no idea it extended to the parking lot. My CWP class taught in the building, but I did some checking on the internet and it seems there is a wide range of interpretations and you are basically at the mercy of however a judge wishes to rule based on the wording.

I am glad to see this being challenged. So sick of our constitutional rights being excepted for this, that and the other. By the time they are done it's too inconvenient to carry most of the time. I guess that is by design though....

There needs to be an avalanche of lawsuits challenging the erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights. Hopefully more to follow.